CutLER: Cut and Learn for Unsupervised Object Detection and Instance Segmentation

In IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2023

We propose Cut-and-LEaRn (CutLER) which is a simple approach for training unsupervised object detection and segmentation models. We leverage the property of selfsupervised models to “discover” objects without supervision and amplify it to train a state-of-the-art localization model without any human labels. CutLER first uses our proposed MaskCut approach to generate coarse masks for multiple objects in an image, and then learns a detector on these masks using our robust loss function. We further improve performance by self-training the model on its predictions. Compared to prior work, CutLER is simpler, compatible with different detection architectures, and detects multiple objects. CutLER is also a zero-shot unsupervised detector and improves detection performance by over 2.7 times on 11 benchmarks across domains like video frames, paintings, sketches, etc. With finetuning, CutLER serves as a lowshot detector surpassing MoCo-v2 by 7.3% APbox and 6.5% APmask on COCO when training with 5% labels.

Rohit Girdhar
Rohit Girdhar
Research Scientist

My current research focuses on understanding and generating multimodal data, using minimal human supervision